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Clear Bra
& Paint Protection

When it comes to clear bra protection for your new vehicle, there is no clearer choice than ClearChoice Window Tinting and Clear Bras. We are a SunTek certified, clear bra paint protection installation company that has been the leading provider of Clear bras in Colorado, protecting vehicles all over the state since 1997 (under new ownership as of 2004).

At ClearChoice we understand the importance of protecting one of your most expensive investments. We can cover whatever part of your car that you desire to protect it from the harsh elements of the Colorado roads. ClearChoice is used by nearly every dealership in Boulder, and many on the front range and you, too, should allow ClearChoice to protect your new investment to the same standards.

Why clear bra?

It is the best option to protect your new vehicle's front end paint, extending the overall value and life of your vehicle. It is a must have for any Coloradan. Cars receive numerous paint dings and scratches from the gravel and salt used on the roads during snow storms. If it is not those causing damage, bugs, road debris, and rough terrain will take a toll on your vehicle. Once those dings are there, the potential for rust and for further paint chipping is enormous! Not to mention with over 300 days of sunshine, SunTek clear bra will keep your paint from fading.

ClearChoice switched over to the SunTek brand in 2012. We found the SunTek brand not only delivers longer lasting protection, but also a variety of other benefits. One of the biggest draws is its proprietary, self-healing top coat formula that is not only scratch resistant, but also crack resistant with a high gloss finish. SunTek materials also resist yellowing for longer, sporting a superior optical clarity that outlasts the competition. Our favorite things to hear form customers is: “I can’t even see it!” And if that is not enough, all clear bras come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

ClearChoice is dedicated to delivering the most top quality work, at the best possible price. We never use pre-cut kits as they leave the possibility for your vehicle to not be covered to its fullest potential. Regardless of the film brand or installer, a pre-cut kit NEVER lives up to the quality or coverage of a custom fit bra. The only way to install a clear bra properly is to have it precisely hand cut by one of our clear bra technicians/artists. We wrap the edges when possible, and will install the protective film on your vehicle to perfection.

We are also one of the few installation companies in the country with the skill to wrap your entire car. We offer packages that we cover everything from just the front of the hood and fenders up to a complete wrap. Please see our sister company's if this is the type of service you seek for your automobile, as we carry other lines of film that have larger roll sizes if your car demands that sort of attention.

We specialize in clear bra installation, and no matter if you have two wheels, four wheels, something that floats or flies, we can get it covered. No matter what you drive, we will give the same attention to ever vehicle we work on. The is no job too small, and no job too big. Please allow ClearChoice the pleasure of protecting your investment. As every car is different in size and time demands, please call us today for a free estimate at (720) 296-6768

See our work in our Clear Bra Gallery


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